Focus on "Whatever You Can"

W.Y.C Initiative campaign was established in 2016 as a way to give, even when monetary charity is not a option. Here at the Focus Haven; we are committed to rolling up our sleeves and helping others whenever and wherever we can.

Our mission is to consistently find creative ways to extend love and kindness to others in need and we're always looking for opportunities to partner up with like-minded individuals and organizations. Throughout the 18 years; volunteering has been a anchor for stability. There's nothing like stabilizing yourself, by lending a helping hand to another.

Below; we share a few details from most recent experiences. We hope that our clients will enjoy reading about our adventures, share some of their own and maybe even partner with us to grow many more charity initiatives.

We'll keep you posted on upcoming initiatives and we welcome invites to participate in your charity initiatives.

Introducing the

Dorian "Dori" Major Powell

"Keep Swimming" Scholarship

Focus Haven sponsors 5 scholarship awards to youth between the ages of 8 and 18, that need a little extra encouragement to "keep swimming".

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 W.Y.C Initiative Volunteer Experiences


Beltline Maintainance Worker


We challenged ourselves to a early morning of mixed removal and planting workday. A team of about 20 volunteers worked on meadow maintenance for about three hours.  Yes! We got dirty, but we also got some "Thank you's" for some local residents that seemed to greatly appreciate Atlanta's Restoration program keeping their neighborhood beautiful.

JAZZ WCLK Clark Atlanta University 91.9 FM 2017 Annual Spring Membership Campaign
Pledge Volunteer


We had a great time volunteering this past spring with a local radio station. We took pledges from loyal radio station members while WCLK 91.9 partnered with Atlanta's Food Bank to donate hundreds of meals to families in need.

Focus Haven Family Fun

It's EXTRA rewarding to give when you involve your friends and family. Helping others together just seems to strengthen the bond of a family.

Challenge the kiddos to a little delayed gratification by donating a old toy for one planned "chore free" day?

Care packages are everything! They are inexpensive, personal and useful. 


#Whatever You Can