Lisa James was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. Her parent's originating from Harlem, New York and Florence South Carolina; mom was a special needs school teacher and home health aide. Her father; a man of devote religious beliefs and a strict disciplinary; worked as a night supervisor and day trucker for over 20 years.

Always having been inquisitive and analytical, Lisa developed a passion early for working smart and keeping order. In the summer of 2000; she begun attending a local college and next a technical school for office administration. Finding fluency with filing, typing and recording keeping; she grew confident and eagerly accepted a internship at the city's Urban League and found her niche in working with the community while providing organization as a administrative support. 

Lisa also spent summers volunteering at local summer camps and nursing homes, soon realizing a love for working directly with human service. Growing anxious with her small town surroundings; she relocated to the South (Atlanta, GA) with dreams of making a name for herself and raising her young daughter around greater opportunity. 

For the next 10 years, Lisa excelled in executive assistant and account manager roles; taking on small projects and organization jobs for friends and colleagues . Gaining confidence; Lisa begin independently consulting for her own small administrative business in 2008. Lisa also pursued and completed CASA training and was sworn into Fulton County Juvenile system in 2012. She continues to volunteer throughout the city of Atlanta today.



With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a PMI certification, Lisa decided to re-invent her earlier 2008 business venue and the Focus Haven was born. The W.Y.C. Initiative, a ministry seeking non-traditional forms of giving; "Whatever You Can", was also put into works. 

 No longer just about completing tasks, but empowering others to organize their work spaces, projects and homes in a way that brought lasting satisfaction. By studying human behavior and the services that enrich human lives, Lisa's mission is to enhance work environments and experiences; with a focus on working smarter and living our best life everyday.

Lisa resides in Northwest Georgia with her husband and 3 beautiful children. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling and helping others. She hopes to get another guinea pig soon. 




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