Project Management

One of the first objectives you grasp while studying PMI standards is that a project is a “unique and temporary endeavor”. With no plan established; the task and requirements associated with a project, can become redundant and problematic. Even residential projects can linger on for years. Here at the Focus Haven, we take measured steps to ensure satisfactory completion of your projects. We accomplish this by:

•Assess The Scope Of Work Required
•Develop A Plan For Time/Resources
•Monitor, Create And Control Processes
•Measure And Optimize Quality
•Account For Risk, Execute And Complete

What is I/O Psychology?

I/O Psychology

When you hire a practitioner in this field to assist with your business needs, we focus on:

• Trade articles and recent industry developments that inspire workplace proficiency

•Studies that inform strategies for hiring, training and cultivating personnel

•Techniques that promote workplace safety, legal compliance and a healthy work/life balance

We also influence growth for individual professionals through learning style analysis, scientific management theory and by helping establish customized profiles that give insight to the most suitable career paths.

Administrative Assistance

We’ve been devoted to helping others achieve individual goals and businesses endeavors for over 15 years.

Industrial warehouses, firms with executive offices, small family businesses and large corporate offices with multiple suites and multiple floors. You name it, we have effectively managed the administrative needs.

We stay abreast by training within the latest technology developments. Our skills evolve by studying industry trends, newsletters and resource libraries.

Our clients look to us for:

•Receptionist and messaging services

•On-boarding and government/local hiring compliance

•Network and database management

•Small to medium daily task

•Event planning, team-building and customer appreciation

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