Focus on our future: Youth Services

We passionately pursue youth development. We've studied every stage of youth development; from brain behavior to juvenile delinquency. Our services promote practical but necessary experiences for today's youths. We have a curriculum series that is in the works; as well as opportunities for weekend volunteering, college prep, resume writing and basic verbal and written communication services available today.
*Includes but not limited to*

Portfolio Development

Portfolio's remind us of the value in time well spent. If your child is active in sports and extracurricular activities; let's build a record of these accomplishments. They add up! Before you know it; they'll be scouting colleges and this detailed portfolio will be the advantage that captures all skills and abilities that put them ahead of the competition. 

Weekend Workshops *Coming Soon*

Saturday workshops tailored to aspiring young minds. Keynote speakers, vision boards, goal planning, legal rights review, financial planning and much more.

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Focus for Aspiring Adults:
Small projects and Task Requests

We could all use a little motivation, every now and then. To acquire what is hoped for, requires determination and focused direction. Invest in services that will work for you, while you work. Our services are "behind the scenes": proof-reading, developing your ideas and thoughts into visuals and tangibles you can grow.  No longer do you have to wait to the weekend or schedule time to jot your goals down.  Take a minute to send them our way. Focus Haven will organize your ideas, help develop a plan for action and motivate you to take the steps you need for success. We know that daily responsibilities, family obligations and financial decisions will not cease. That's why we encourage aspiring adults to build upon their empire, one opportunity at a time.
*Includes but not limited to*

Social Media/Professional Development

Do you want the "likes" without the constant monitoring and updates? Sit back and watch your audience grow as we shine a spotlight on your achievements from behind the scenes. We encourage our clients to expand and reinvent themselves. It doesn't matter when you start; as long as you finish. Through small daily steps of measured consistency; we can help build your empire.

You may have a resume, but instead of allowing other to analyse this short form of accomplishment; we challenge you to "Zoom Out" and see the bigger picture. 

Proofreading/APA Formatting

Need help with citations, proof reading and proper formatting? We evaluate the layout, tone, and document flow. (E.g. Internal memos, handbooks, reports, marketing material) The goal is to accurately relay your professional style and hand over a polished document that is factual yet attractive. 

Resume Creation and Development

From headers to PAR statements, you can trust that we'll put in the right amount of work for your new job!

Home organizing consult/sessions

Are you re-locating or cleaning out that space? Stop walking by that pile everyday and call us to discuss our methods for organization. We promise to help you see your way clear. 

Focus for Small Business: All aspects of project management and business operations

Are you growing a small business? Have you become frustrated with the logistics? We know the growing pains involved with making your business thrive. Focus Haven services are proficient, reliable and affordable. Call us when you need a quick marketing effort or someone to answer phones for a day. Maybe you need someone to recruit a employee that's just right for you, without having to stop your daily responsibilities. We have extensive experience acting as a liaison for a variety of different business models and industries. We are ready and able to lighten your load.
*Includes but not limited to*

Realtor Support

Bulk mailings, letter writing, and making phone calls. Coordinate inspection and appraisal, gather documents, maintain listing and provide necessary follow up.

Event Planning

Organizing all or various aspects of an event. This might include arranging a venue, food and beverage or catering, contract negotiations, special transportation, security and entertainment.

Project Assistance/Coordination

From project charter to lessons learned and procurement closing; we are certified to manage your project.


Arrange and manage schedule for appointments, personal activities, special occasions and entertainment, travel research,gift buying and car rentals.

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