Hello World!


I'm very excited to have your support, as well as give you mine. I've had LOTS of experience with organizing projects and individuals. I'm the type of person whose "state of mind" is directly impacted by the space around me, so I always find myself looking for ways to improve functionality.

Blog to Declogg is very much a psychology dump site for me. A public journal of every struggle, every bright idea, and every helpful habit I can share.

I really don't mind if my clients snoop around in here. In fact, I welcome it! I'll be as transparent as possible and share whatever I can to help others.

Some post will be short stories, poems and some will be helpful hints. All geared towards helping others express themselves in their own spaces and "works in progress".

All experiences have shaped me into the resourceful being I am today and for that; I'm truly thankful! 





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