Frequently Asked Questions

The Initial Consultation

Generally consults do not exceed 30 minutes. They are planned meetings with a specific agenda; intended to get a moderate understanding of the clients focus. A full understanding will progressively evolve as the work proceeds.

The PM and client will seek to agree on the time allotted and the required deliverable. Upon doing so; a price will be set and the initial deposit will be due at that time.

Client and PM will sign service agreement, identify the best communication plan and any milestones that may possibly interfere with meeting the target completion date.

A consult may not be required if the work is limited to small task requests or minimal blocks of time.

Individual Services and Blocks Of Time

Time is money and a service provided should be measured and valuable. We don’t believe you should have to pay for a full hour, if a full hour was not needed to perform or provide the service. Here’s an example of how we customize to suit our client’s individual needs.

Example: Samuel only needs 3 hours of phone coverage for one day. He doesn’t want to hire a temp for a full day and asking for a half day is not feasible. He contacts FOCUS HAVEN; forwards his calls and ONLY pays for exactly what his business needs. Instead of paying a flat rate for an individual service within a bundle of services, he only pays for a 3 hour block of time. If he needs more time; he is prorated for any additional time. (Not to exceed predetermined limit)

Remote or In-Office

Focus Haven representatives provide technical and administrative support remotely. We offer mobile scheduled visits for business operations, projects and consults.

Clients have the option of visiting our local office to consult or drop off service related materials. Our office is fully equipped for small and medium-sized projects. Large projects will be planned for accordingly.

Clients can request both service types with adequate notice given. While virtual service and assistance is a big part of what we do; some services are enhanced by co location or in-person development.

Time Sensitive Requests, Scope Changes And After Hour Service Request?

We strive to always operate within the scope of work outlined in the contracted agreement and within reasonable accommodation. A change request form is available for significant changes and must be agreed upon by both parties. Time-sensitive request will be strictly adhered to.

Please see our website homepage for business hours and contact us directly for special request.

How Do You Handle Request For More Than One Service?

We recommend purchasing blocks of time for multiple services. You decide which service we prioritize and we carefully document how much time is spent on each service. Client is now able to pre-determine an estimate for future service; based on previous time and cost.

E.g. Client request assistance with on-boarding development and assistance with up-coming team-building event. Client and PM agree that on-boarding will be developed for first 3 hours of service. Next; team-building research will be conducted for an additional 2 hours. Client is billed for the appropriate skill set and time allotted.

Initial Deposit and Payment Type

We may invoice through PayPal for initial deposits. Initial deposits are required before work can begin.

We accept:
Debit and credit cards payments for mobile transactions through PayPal mobile card reader
Cash App
Money orders

Clients can request to be billed after 6 months of consecutive on-time payments.
We DO NOT accept checks.

**We are flexible with different payment options as long as payment is confirmed as received before start of service and a record of payment can be maintained.**

Confidentiality Agreement