Frequently Asked Questions


Highly Sensitive Information

Client Confidentiality Agreement" will be signed by both parties to ensure proper handling. We strictly adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Service standards, specifically Articles 23 and 24, and International Labor Organization standards. Additionally; we honor state and federal regulations regarding "breach of confidentiality".

Focus Haven representatives do not wish to jeopardize reputation and or risk litigation for non compliance.

How is the initial consultation conducted?

Generally consults do not exceed 30 minutes. They are planned meetings with a specific agenda; intended to get a moderate understanding of the clients focus. A successful consult is one where both parties agree that the service can be delivered and working together will be a good fit. We then decide to move forward and identify a starting point.

Can you explain how purchasing individual services, as opposed to blocks of time, is handled?

We start off by making sure we have clarity on your expectations or requirement/s. We create a list or plan for action, present a high level proposal.

We recommend purchasing blocks of time for multiple services. Our clients find that this allows for a more organized approach and that it's more cost effective.

E.g. Client request assistance with on-boarding development and assistance with up-coming team-building event.

Virtually; what does that entail?

Focus Haven is mobile for scheduled visits or remote from a local office. Our office is fully equipped for small and medium-sized projects. Large projects will be planned for accordingly. Clients can also request both service types with adequate notice given. While virtual service and assistance is a big part of what we do; some services are enhanced by co location or in-person development.

Flexibility with Time Sensitive Requests and After Hours

We strive to always operate within the scope of work outlined in the contracted agreement and within reasonable accommodation. A change request form is available for deviations and must be agreed upon by both parties. Time-sensitive request will be strictly adhered to.

List of Services and Prices

Please click the hyperlinks on our Home Page for a list of available services. You can also visit our Facebook page for service listings. Since pricing is specific to each individual or subject to change, we’d prefer that you contact us for a quote that is specific to your business need.

Invoicing/ Methods of Acceptable Payment

We may invoice through PayPal for initial deposits. Initial deposits are required before work can begin.

We accept debit and credit cards payments for mobile transactions through PayPal mobile card reader.

We also accept Cash App, Venmo and money orders.

Clients can request to be billed after 6 months of consecutive on-time payments.

We DO NOT accept checks.

**We are flexible with different payment options as long as payment is confirmed as received before start of service and a record of payment can be maintained.**

Do you provide organization items or shop for requested items?

Clients may be encouraged to invest in organizational items, if applicable. In this case client will be advised of the retail pricing, prior to project start. The client is expected to provide payment for these items with the initial deposit.

No exceptions, please.

Confidentiality Agreement