New Beginnings

Welcome to my world!

I'm very excited to have your support, as well as give you mine. I've had LOTS of experience with organizing projects and individuals.

Some experience from life lessons, some from work, and some from family. All experiences have shaped me into the resourceful being I am today and for that; I'm truly thankful!

On-boarding experience came from needing structure in my past work environments. I'm the type of person who's "state of mind" is directly impacted by the space around me, so I always find myself looking for ways to improve or innovate. 

Restoration and Organizing experience came from "being faithful over little". Being a single mom on a shoe string budget for almost 15 years really taught me a few things about making the best out of what you have. I never wanted to "look" disadvantaged, and so I begun focusing on what a real refuge should be and I'm eager to show you what I've learned. 

Finally, I truly believe that no child deserves to be left behind. I've combined my first hand experience with ADHD and the last ten years of advocating together to offer a unique service, that isn't often available for so many financially frustrated families.  I've taken the best of what I know, some trials and many errors and developed a service that will really enhance your family member's quality of life.

No worries; you deserve it!

So there's my mission in a nutshell!

My brand colors (blue, green and white) represent trust, honesty, loyalty, wisdom, hope, growth, balance, reassurance, cleanliness, simplicity and FAITH. These words totally encompass my core beliefs and values. 

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE GOD.

With Love,